The functional electroplating technique offers numerous possibilities to achieve for example optimum corrosion- and abrasion resistance as well as an absolute uniform surface. Part of the functional processes are zinc plating, copper/nickel/chrome as a layer system, electroless nickel plating, hard chrome plating, anodizing etc.

CL stands for high reliability and security to ensure excellent results with functional electroplating in technical- as well as economical form.

CL-Technology has a profound production know-how and can fulfill the specific demands in various industrial branches.

Functional processes (Electrolytes) in detail:

        • Copper electrolytes for graphic applications
        • Weak acid, high bright zinc electrolytes
        • Cyanide zinc electrolytes
        • Cyanide free, alkaline zinc electrolytes
        • Zinc sulfate electrolytes
        • Electroless nickel processes
        • Nickel electrolytes for stainless steel nickel plating
        • Semi-bright nickel
        • High sulphur nickel electrolytes
        • Bright Copper
        • Micro porous nickel
        • Wetting agents for chrome
        • Bright Silver

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