CL-AK BRIGHT SILVER can be used for functional- as well as decorative applications. The brightener system is build on organic additives. The white silver colour of the deposits is especially resistant against tarnishing. The deposited layer reaches a hardness up to 90 – 110 HV 0,1, without loss of ductility. CL-AK BRIGHT SILVER is suited for rack- as well as barrel application. The bath maintenance of the electrolyte is uncomplicated.
A further important characteristic: our silver electrolyte are purily organic, e.g. also selenium-free.
The special advantages of CL-AK BRIGHT SILVER

  • Extremely high conductivity
  • Excellent decorative properties
  • Selenium-free

The special physical properties predestinate CL-AK BRIGHT SILVER for the application of various branches and product area’s. It fulfills the high demands required for example in the nuclear technique, power generation technique, air- and aerospace industry, automobile industry (e.g. automobile electricity), pcb manufacturing and reel to reel production. It’s excellent decorative properties offers an ideal plating process for the cutlery- and fashion jewellery industry.

It is our pleasure to inform you in detail about our CL-AK BRIGHT SILVER applications. 
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