The high activity of the service enables an excellent chromability. Different colour effects can be achieved with chrome and gold.
The CL Satin Nickel process offers three different structures.


Each structure is obtained by a different satin nickel additive:

1. CL-AK SATIN NICKEL ADD-1 has a fine grained structure
2. CL-AK SATIN NICKEL ADD-2 with a slightly coarser structure
3. CL-AK SATIN NICKEL ADD-3 offers a more coarsed surface structure
4. CL-AL SATIN NICKEL ALU with aluminium effect

World news in the plating industry is the extreme long service life of our satin nickel electrolyte. This is achieved by means of optimization of the plating line. A service life of 16 hours without filtration is possible.

The ideal replenishment of CL Satin-Nickel is our post-treatment solution CL Inhibitor VP 392.
Your advantage:economical benefits and the prevention of tarnishing, fingerprints, corrosion

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