CL-Technology GmbH (CL-AK Technology GmbH)
was founded in January 2002 with company seat in Solingen, Mankhauser Str. 1, Germany.

The CL-AK Technology – Vision:
Our electroplating products and services are dedicated to fulfil the individual design and functionalty demands of our customers. Beyond that, we are continously developing innovative solutions to realize measurable economical benefits for our clients. One example is our product CL-AK Satin Nickel.

The CL-AK Technology – Products and Services:
Our extensive product programme offers a wide range of chemicals from pre-treatment– until post-treatment. You will find a short introduction for all Services, decorative and functional processes in this website The manufacturer of our own developed products is ISO certified.
Besides our product portfolio we also offer Laboratory technical service as for example AAS, HPLC etc.

The CL-AK Technology Customers
Our products are preferably applied at the following industries: Automotive, Sanitary fitting Textile- and Furniture industry.

We are looking forward to your questions…
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